Digital production

SAFHY Central Baltic –projects Digital Production contains several different digital approaches

  1. First is digital still-filming. We are doing digital photos to support learning in all text topics and subtopics. There is an idea that there is pictures made in learning situations but some topics may be also supported in with photos from real-life situations.
  2. Second is video filming. We are supporting learning with video clips. Nearly all topics is going to be filmed with one or more video clips. There is also an idea to support some topics also with real-life working video. Everybody understands that there is several limits – patients privacy needs etc.
  3. Third is platform activities. Platform is Digital Robot owned so called Octobus-platform which supports multilingual workflow and multitasked ( text, photos, videos and calculators) so called rich media support and there is also several possible extra-activities like learning-tests and vocabulary components. Octobus is ready for use, we are doing only some UI- ( user interface ) modifications in this SAFHY-project.
  4. Fourth is mobile tools from Octobus where students can use tests and vocabulary also in mobile way.
  5. Fifth is multilingual approach. Safhy-platform is going to support at least 4 languages. In first level there is coming FI, ET, EN and RU –languages.


Process is going so that A) healthcare- and cleaning-teams are doing manuscripts / B ) give comments from other responsible teams manuscripts – using mind maps and co-operative learning and so and finally get manuscripts and learning texts ready for use.

Next step C ) is creating digital material from every topics using manuscripts. After first stage production comes D ) handling, E ) editing and F ) exporting those collected digimaterials to photos and video clips.

Then G ) placement work for translations and H ) after read audios also I ) putting those audio dubbings in place to videos and finally J ) putting all needed materials to platform for test use. After K ) testing there is stage for further comments and L) further development.

M ) creating and putting to place learning tests and N) vocabulary and translations of terms.

Quite much work to do….still

After approximately 24 months, in autumn 2017, we have digital material ready for 40-50 topics.

More information about SAFHY-digital production :

Development manager Timo Pässilä
Osuuskunta Digital Robot Finland