Piloting the SAFHY platform

During the project we have been piloting eLearning material from the very beginning. The piloting has taken place in vocational education and training as well as in work places. The first piloting group consisted of students with immigrant background. After that we have piloted with two practical nurse sudent groups and also cleaning service students. Last spring the piloting took place in SOL, which is a company providing cleaning services. Project’s Estonian partners have piloted eLearning material in training courses and VET also in Estonia.

Piloting gives us information for developing the content of the eLearning material as well as the platform. Most of the students have liked the videos most. Watching professionals working is enhancing students’ learning the most as they said. Teachers can use SAFHY eLearning material also in a classroom. Teachers can show videos and photos, discuss about working methods and get benefit of the texts and learning tests.