Coordinators’ meetings and workshops

Many workshops and meetings have taken place during the SAFHY project. The main reason for these get together events is to keep the project rolling. We have agreed with the schedules and many details about the project implementation, found solutions to problems and made compromises, to mention some of the tasks. We have been working in cross-border cooperation, which has been very interesting and fruitful for all of us. We have learned to work with each other especially when aligning curricula and finding similarities and differences. Also when finding solutions for differences in hygienic practices.

Professionals in cleaning service and health care field use to think that there is right and wrong way of performing work activities. We know now that the best possible end can be reached following different kinds of paths. When you are familiar with the aseptic procedures and hygienic working methods, you will manage to reach good quality and high standards of hygiene.
The circumstances and facilities are not the same in work places. Professionals in real working life are not always working in a “perfect” manner and as said in study books, nevertheless the quality might be good if the basic principles of hygienic working methods and aseptic procedures have been followed. Safety and hygiene in work places and during students training periods will improve, when following basic guidelines and principles of hygiene.