Just a tiny taste of the SAFHY teaching material: Surface (cover) materials

“There are various kinds of floor cover materials. The choice of a surface cover material is based on its ability to dampen sound and its antistatic quality, level of slipperiness, maintainability, simplicity of installation, resistance to fire and the purpose of the room, etc. Floor cover materials are also classified by their frequency of use. Floor cover materials are assigned usage classes: medium, ordinary, intensive or very intensive use. When choosing floor cover materials the functions of the room, as well as the foundation on which the cover is installed is to be taken into account. In the case of an uneven foundation care must be taken when using machines in maintenance as the machines may cause mechanical damage to the surface cover. The good appearance and durability of surface covers depends on compliance with care instructions. All surface covers wear and are damaged by abrasive dirt; hence it is essential that the spread of such dirt is prevented for all surface cover materials. The best way to remove abrasive dirt is to use dry wiping.”

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The subtopics following this text are for example “The floor cover materials” including linoleum, PVC, wood, rubber, laminate, natural stone, terrazzo, ceramic tile and textile.

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