Learning tests on the platform

Each topic on the SAFHY platform contains a learning test. If You are a professional working in the cleaning sector field, You might be interested of testing your knowledge. Do You know the answers for these questions:

True or false?

  1. Clean and dry cleaning textiles may be placed ready for use in the cleaning trolley.
  2. The moistened cleaning textiles may be left in the cleaning trolley until the following day.
  3. The baskets in the cleaning trolley simplify the storing of equipment.
  4. There are necessary holders and hooks for equipment in the cleaning trolley.
  5. The cleaning trolley is brought to the object to be cleaned.
  6. The cleaning trolley is cleaned for the next work shift.
  7. Different objects may have different cleaning trolleys.
  8. When selecting a cleaning trolley, one must take into account the size and other conditions of the object to be cleaned.
  9. The use of a cleaning trolley makes work more ergonomic.
  10. The use of a cleaning trolley has no effect from the ergonomic point of view.
  11. The cleaning trolley is equipped in different ways for different objects.
  12. The baskets and shelves in the cleaning trolley are cleaned every day.
  13. The equipment in the cleaning trolley must be cleaned every day.
  14. The buckets in the cleaning trolley must be cleaned every day.
  15. Dirty cleaning cloths must be taken to the laundry unit from the cleaning trolley.