Nasogastric tube feeding

Did you know that all videos include spoken/read audio texts in all 4 languages: Finnish, Estonian, Russian and English. Below, you can find an example of the video Nasogastric tube feeding.

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Feeding the patient through a nasogastric tube

Sentence in the text Videotime when the text starts Sentence
01 00.00 Before each feeding or administration of a pharmaceutical
the location of the nasogastric tube is checked by
measuring the acidity of the stomach contents. Before the
administration of the enteral feeding product the
nasogastric tube is flushed with a small amount of water.
02 00.51 The care worker will administer the enteral feeding product by holding the nasogastric tube folded in her palm so that the feeding product does not flow too quickly. The desired amount of enteral feeding product is administered slowly. After feeding, the tube is flushed with a small amount of water. Finally, the nasogastric tube is closed with a suitable cap. The patient’s condition is monitored during the entire procedure.

Urine samples

One of the last period’s topics is ”Taking a urine sample (midstream specimen of urine, MSU)”. A tiny taste from the text:

3.1. Instructing the patient to take a midstream specimen of urine

  • Wash hands with water and soap, dry carefully.
  • Wash the urogenital area
    • Women: spread the labia for taking the sample as the opening of the urethra must be exposed to avoid the contamination of urine.
    • Men: retract the foreskin for taking the sample, as the opening of the urethra must be exposed to avoid the contamination of urine.
    • Clean the opening of the urethra with the hand shower or with wetted toilet paper or with a wash glove and lukewarm water. Do not use soap or disinfecting substance. The direction of washing is from the opening of the urethra backwards (from the front to the back). If you wash the urogenital area with a wetted toilet paper or wash gloves, use one sheet or glove only once. Wipe several times. After washing, dry the urogenital area carefully with a clean towel or sheet of paper towel with the direction front to back.
  • First pass a small volume of urine into the toilet
    (this is so that bacteria do not get into the sample with the first stream of urine from the opening of the urethra).
  • Place the sample cup into the urine stream without breaking it
  • Fill the sample cup until it is 2/3 full.
  • Complete urination into the toilet.
  • Close the sample cup.
    Do not touch the inside of the sample cup to prevent the contamination

Piloting the SAFHY platform

During the project we have been piloting eLearning material from the very beginning. The piloting has taken place in vocational education and training as well as in work places. The first piloting group consisted of students with immigrant background. After that we have piloted with two practical nurse sudent groups and also cleaning service students. Last spring the piloting took place in SOL, which is a company providing cleaning services. Project’s Estonian partners have piloted eLearning material in training courses and VET also in Estonia.

Piloting gives us information for developing the content of the eLearning material as well as the platform. Most of the students have liked the videos most. Watching professionals working is enhancing students’ learning the most as they said. Teachers can use SAFHY eLearning material also in a classroom. Teachers can show videos and photos, discuss about working methods and get benefit of the texts and learning tests.