The aspiration of a tracheal cannula

”The aspiration of a tracheal cannula is easier when performed by two care workers. The assisting care worker sets the bed at an ergonomically appropriate height and helps the patient into a half-sitting position; the care worker will also cover the patient’s upper body with an absorbent bib to protect the patient from possible water and secretion splashes. The care worker will pour the liquid for rinsing the aspiration catheter into a disposable container removed from the non-sterile package.“

Washing patient’s hair in bed

Taking care of patient’s personal hygiene is a task that health care workers work with every day. How to wash patient’s hair if the patient is lying in bed and cannot sit? We filmed it and in addition mapped the different kinds of methods and ways to help the patient to take care of personal hygiene. New videos coming about helping the patient to take a shower on the shower bath bed, and helping the bedridden patient to wash himself.