Current topics

Safety and hygiene – safer environment project has been going on for one year now. The results are on the SAFHY platform: a great amount of text, videos, learning tests and photos. During the next six months we will develop digital teaching material for vocational education and training of the following topics:

Health care sector:

  • Guiding and helping patient to wash himself in toilet or bathroom
  • Washing patient’s hair in bed
  • Washing patient on shower bath trolley
  • Helping and washing patient in bed
  • Hygiene practices with nasogastric tubes and gastrostoma (PEG)
  • Hygiene practices with changing diapers to a patient

Cleaning services sector:

  • Textiles (clothes and mops)
  • Cleaning equipments and machines: wet and dry vacuum, floor-care machines, scrubber drier, steam cleaner
  • Hygienic working methods
  • Surface materials
  • Maintenance cleaning:
    • Cleaning a classroom
    • Cleaning a ward
    • Cleaning a boarding house
  • Basic cleaning:
    • Stripping and waxing

Examples of cleaning ceilings, upright surfaces, furniture, windows


Piloting SAFHY’s digital, multilingual material

Piloting SAFHY’s digital, multilingual material started in August, 2016. At first Practical Nurse students thoughts about the platform:

”Videos facilitate learning”

”It is easier to remember and understand, when you look at the videos”

”Can you please make more videos?”

”Please, add French and Spanish languages to the platform”

”Professional language is difficult to understand in Finnish”

” I learned how to perform hand hygiene”

”There is a lot of material to learn”

”Please, add more material to the platform”


And we will add more material, since we have more than one year left time for the project and the amount of the topics on the platform will increase. Thank you students, your opinions are of great importance.

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