Registration for the SAFHY seminar open now!

SAFHY seminar takes place in Tallinn on November the 9th, 2016 and in Helsinki on November the 10th, 2016.

You are wellcome. Let us present You, what kind of digital teaching/learning material we have been developing through aligning Estonian and Finnish curricula. Safety and hygiene – safer environment project is targeting to reach educators and teachers in Vocational Education and Training, VET providers and  professionals in the fields of cleaning services and health care. We are developing teaching material especially for students in vocational education, and work places in these two fields.

We are sending invitations soon to all VET institutions in Finland and Estonia, moreover to companies providing  cleaning or health care services. Follow our Facebook pages and website, and don’t miss the registration. We are developing multilingual (Finnish, Estonian, Russian, English) digital learning material for VET and work places. SAFHY material can be an appropriate solution for VET institutions and work places. It can be used in multiple ways when teaching, learning, guiding new employees, and guiding students and staff at work places. Please make a reservation on your calendar for a November afternoon, we are waiting for You. Free access to SAFHY platform for participants for few days to get familiar with the digital material.

Practical Nurse Event at Fair Centre in Helsinki

On September the 9th, 2016 SAFHY’s results were presented at Fair Centre in Practical Nurse Event organized by SuPer*, the Finnish Union of Practical Nurses. At Fair Centre hundreds of Practical Nurse students and teachers from vocational education institutions visited SAFHY’s exhibition stand. We gave them short overview of the digital platform. Project manager Tuija and Timo from Digital Robot presented SAFHY’s digital teaching/learning material also on stage. The day was great, and we were really excited about people’s interest towards SAFHY results.

SAFHY wants to thank you all for your interest. We are looking forward to come over to your institution or work place to tell you more about SAFHY’s digital, multilingual material. Follow project’s news on SAFHY website and Facebook. We haven’t done all of the material yet, a lot more is coming: videos, text, photos, professional vocabulary and learning tests for cleaning services and health care field to vocational education. Video from Fair Centre available soon on website.

*The SuPer Union is involved in SAFHY project and has a representative in SAFHY’s steering group, a group guiding and auditing the progress of the project.

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